October 31, 2017
The Mayoral election is over this evening. Mr. John Gettys was the clear winner, congratulations to him, his family, and all his supporters for getting the voters out in excellent numbers. Mr. Bump Roddey worked a very hard campaign also, he is to be congratulated in providing a campaign for the people in his own way. He had his heart and soul in the race too.
The citizens voted and we now move on to work hard on the agenda to a prosperous future for our City, our neighbors that live outside the City, and have our City be a leader in the region.
It was truly a pleasure to be a part of the process. The people of Rock Hill were gracious to me and our campaign volunteers and that I will never forget. I am truly very happy to have walked the hundreds of feet to meet so many smiling faces after I told them I was "Duane Christopher and I am running for Mayor', people are the City. I will do it all again without regret.
I am thankful to my wife Karen who was supportive from the very beginning several years ago when we decided that we would run for the Mayor's office. She is the blessing of a blessed man. I also want to thank my daughter Michelle and her husband John who worked with us for the past couple of years. I especially want to thank all the supporters that worked very hard in our campaign. There are so many of you, I will speak to you often now that we know each other better. I am very grateful for all the donations from so many small businesses and individuals who understood what the platform I had would mean to the City and its environs for many years to come.They were second to none.
So, we close out another election year. We know not what the future holds, that is only known by God our Father. On the other side of the coin, I do know that Duane Christopher is not done. Thank you Rock Hill.
God bless Rock Hill.

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