Videos of Duane on Policies

The Vision for Rock Hill, Duane Christopher for Mayor.....the time is now!
Click the link below to see the Vision for Rock Hill

Straight talk on WRHI 10.9.2017

CN2 Interview ......why I am running for cuts on this one. Interview in my office, 5.41 minutes of the 45 minute interview....I did explain my plan for 15's not in the interview....see link below.

CN2 Interview...announcement April 7th 2017.  I am running for Mayor with a long term vision.<iframe width="320" height="24" src=";powerpress_player=default" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

NAACP, May platform is laid out.

Kickoff's the start of the campaign, jobs, jobs, jobs.

Filing Audio, this is from WRHI...filed for the race.

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