Mission Statement

My name is Duane Christopher, and I am running for mayor of Rock Hill. I am running for mayor because we live here, I am running because it is a prayerful decision, I am running because my family is with me, I am running because you are here,  I am running because in this day in age of our city,  we have many decisions that will affect the lives of all of us for the next many decades, I am running because with your help, I will lead you in making the best decisions for our future.

The Mayor in Rock Hill is one of 7 people that lead the city in a director’s role, that role is to direct the management of the city administration to carry out policies that effect our every day, and will affect us and our families and business in the future.   The City council is responsible for keeping us safe, by having the best police and fire departments that we can provide, the city council is to direct the city management in providing the opportunity for us to pray, play, work, and support each other. To be total human beings with your responsibility to live the best life you can.

The City government is a vehicle to provide city living services that you might not be able to provide ourselves.  Those services, being water to cook, drink, and bathe, sewer to dispose of the waste so that you don’t have to carry away in buckets or dump in streams and ditches.  You want the best, and with your help we will continue to bring those essential services at a reasonable cost.  Our city is unique in the world, for community of our size, we are an electric producer and distributor.   This unique enterprise of being electric has its ball and chain as well as opportunities.   We will need to look towards the future with new glasses on how we can provide this very important service to our citizens at a reasonable cost, but at the same time look to ways that don’t hand cuff our citizens and businesses in the future.  

As Mayor, I promise I will do all that is in my power to strengthen and advance the past efforts that have brought services that we want to our city.  That is why we live here. 

As Mayor, what I do promise is to provide a vision of how we can be for the future.   Not so long ago, 40 years ago we had a dying inner city, it has taken over 30 years to get this city growing again.

As Mayor, with my 40 years of visions, 40 years of observing other cities, over 40 years of meeting people and leaders around the country, I will provide a fresh set of glasses to look towards the future.  That kind of vision is my profession, my experience, it is what I do and love,  and that is why I am the most qualified to be Mayor.

We have many challenges over the next 20 years and beyond.  These challenges are quality of life issues and the basic services that make a city a city for people that is affordable, these services are going to cost very large sums of money to upgrade and improve the existing infrastructure. In addition to the services we need to provide policies that are more conducive for people and more conducive for business to work and live in Rock Hill, we need to grow on the inside, we need more people and businesses to help with these growth needs.  If a city is not growing then it is dying.

We are standing in the center of the city at a beautiful park, this once was a beautiful home that was removed to provide parking for a covered main street, that idea didn’t work for several decades.  It took vision by the city council to build a fountain instead of a dead hot space.   I commend or mayor Doug Echols to see this through, I spoke to Mayor Doug a few years ago saying that there is much data that red fields, land that is not productive, to green fields, or green spaces such as this, work, and stimulate development around the green fields.  And here it is, it is beautiful and it works. 

We have another red fields area in this City that was created in the 1960s.  Back when politics was trying to engineer designs in cities, that too didn’t work.  Urban renewal botched many communities.

I have a vision to bring back the wholeness in our community from what has divided us, I have a vision of helping this city grow and be sustainable, I have a vision to help us pay for the basic services that we need inside Rock Hill, I have a vision on how we can better commute with a future plan for interstate transportation.

I have a vision for an adventure that will help us as citizens grow in our lives, grow in faith, grow in stability, and grow in being a community.

Help us all by electing me as your next Mayor of our unique city.   Help me by donating to my campaign adventure, I need to get the word out to more people, we can only do that with your help.  Please help spread the word.

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