Platform / Policies

Responsibility, Vitality, and Sustainability.

1. Responsibility
It is the role of leaders to be of service to all the citizens. Besides service, there are leadership ideas that need to be expressed to our fellow citizens, that they need to hear, 
 we all need to help.   
Ask what you can do for your City.

2.    Economic vitality and sustainability.

We need to make decisions on the City Council that motivates other people and companies to have the maximum success.  That maximum success can only be through self-motivation and wanting to improve your neighborhood, your block, your street, your  community, and your city.  The City needs to enable those successes, but the City does not need to be the sole driver of those ideas. Partnering our limited financial resources will be the economic drivers. A conservative approach to our resources is the perspective that we should look at any infrastructure investment.

Improve today, prepare for tomorrow, and be better than mediocre. Mediocre is not acceptable in the global environment we live in today.

3. Lower business costs.
I want us to lower business costs to attract more companies, not just by a notch, but by a wide margin.

4. Improve infrastructure.
We need to prepare the City with new roads.  We need to plan for more parallel roads to relieve traffic.  These plans will increase sustainability, save energy, and commuting time.  We also need to provide alternative modes of transportation. These alternatives are bikeways, trails, trolley connections, and light rail to Charlotte.   We will plan for the next 50 years and beyond as we grow through the 21st century.

5. New Energy Policy.  We need a new energy policy when we end the PMPA. We don't need to stay in the PMPA agreement. We can promote solar energy, promote ways that citizens can increase their own efficiencies, and sustainable.  We need to be independant and a low cost utility again.

6. Minimize Costs
We need to lower our business license fees to just a small one time registration fee. Let's be number one in business in the state not just in the middle.

We need to minimize City regulations for housing. Review existing ordinances that are increasing housing costs, so we can lower the cost of new housing.  We need policies that lowers costs to make affordable housing for many of our citizens.  I want us to pass City ordinances that will allow low income housing that fit many of the citizens that can not afford the high prices of homes.  We need to allow tiny and small efficient homes as that alternative for low income families and individuals.  These policies will also allow us to increase the density of our center City areas. 

7. Grow inside.
Increasing our density in the interior of our city will help provide the sustainability we need as we grow.  I have the vision for these ideas.

A mayor of the future, a mayor with vision.

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