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Duane Christopher Candidate for Mayor City of Rock Hill, SC
Duane and Karen Christopher
Christopher is a long time resident of Rock Hill, married to Karen, has a daughter Michelle married to John A. Taylor, all living in Rock Hill.


Bachelor of Science, Cornell University, 1977
Attend continuing education of a minimum of 20 hours per year through various continuing
educational venues for ASLA and AIA credits.


A member in good standing of the American Society of Landscape Architects, ASLA, 1982 to the present

President of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Society of  Landscape Architects, 2014- 2015

Treasurer of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, 2009-2013

Ex-officio Board Member of the South Carolina Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, 2005 to 2009

Chapter Executive Committee member SCASLA, 1988 – 1994

A participant at the University of Massachusetts first symposium on Computers in Landscape Architecture, 1984

A member of the South Carolina State Board of Landscape Architects, 1989-1993,Chairman, 1992, 1993

A South Carolina delegate to Washington for the legislative fly-in, 1993, 1994, 2009, and 2014.

Volunteer for the South Carolina Arts Partnership, Design Week 2008, Certificate of Appreciation April 14, 2008

Member of the U.S. Green Building Council & LEED 2009, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

Associate Conservation Commissioner of York County, SC, 1982-1992

Elected Soil and Water Conservation Commissioner of York County SC, 1992 – 2000, Chairman, 1995-1999, Appointed Commissioner 2001 – 2014

South Carolina Association of Conservation Districts legislative committee, 1995 – 2002

South Carolina Association of Conservation Districts awards committee, 2004 – 2014

South Carolina Association of Conservation Districts, smart growth committee, 2000

York County Committee to formulate Storm-water Management and Soil Erosion ordinances for the county, 1988, 1989

City of Rock Hill, South Carolina, Tree Commissioner, a founding Commissioner, 1988-1993,
Chairman, 1992, 1993

City of Rock Hill Empowering the Vision committee Member, Garden City sub-committee, 1987-1988,

Designed Master Plan for Greenways. Made major contribution to remove mall covering Main Street and return to a motor vehicle street

City of Rock Hill, sub-committee, Commission on future development and facilities
for PRT, 1995 – 2016

Catawba Regional Waste Water Treatment environmental sub-committee member, 1995-2000

Member and Chairman of Committee for York County for the purpose to preserve land to
create a county commission to develop easements and purchase of development rights. 1997

Member of York County Forever Commission, a land preservation commission for York County
formed from the above Committee, 1998-2005, Chairman, 1998-1999,

Member of the Catawba River Study Commission, Implementation Task Force 1999 – 2007

City of Rock Hill Trails and Greenways Task Force charter Member, Chairman, 2000-2003,
Chairman of advisory committee to PRT, 2003 – May 2009

City of Rock Hill Manchester Meadows Task Force charter Member, A City of Rock Hill Soccer Sport Complex and Park, 2001

York Conservation District Special Recognition Award, for Diligence and Dedication for Waste Water Treatment Project, received October 23, 2001

2009 Recipient of the David Boone Advisory Volunteer Award from the City of Rock Hill Parks Recreation and Tourism, received May 13, 2010.


Involved with the South Carolina State sunset reevaluations and continued support of registration during tenure on the State Board of Registration.

Spent time and resources on behalf of the City of Rock Hill to promote ideas for revitalization of the downtown main street area, including public presentations: The Empowering the Vision city planning process, which was a two year long range process to develop strategic incentives for the City of Rock Hill.

I spent time and resources to promote a greenway master plan and make major changes in the physical structure of the old downtown main street development.

Was a member of the committee that started one of the first county ordinances for Storm-water Management and Erosion Control in the State of South Carolina.

Formulated a city street tree master plan and a parking lot landscaping ordinance for the City of Rock Hill as a City of Rock Hill Tree Commissioner. I also made recommendations for a historical tree grove park, which came to fruition with the design of Ken Simmons and Associates of Columbia, SC.

Involved with promoting River Park on the Catawba River and other recreational and pedestrian oriented development activities to improve the quality of life in the City of Rock Hill as a futures development committee member.

Appointed City of Rock Hill Planning Commissioner, February 2009.

Active in the City of Rock Hill 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update

2000 - 2001 Steering force in looking at alternative methods to a regional approach to waste water treatment instead of one large regional plant that would be an insensitive engineering approach to the regions waste water treatment needs. Furthermore, as a member of the Regional Waste Water
environmental sub-committee, I brought in top in the country decentralization and constructed wetlands experts for waste water treatment experts to review and make recommendations.
Water Quality Forum panelist on waste water treatment comprehensive planning for the Catawba Wateree watershed promoting Conservation Districts in a planning leadership role.
Promote and advocate open land preservation as an active member of the newly formed York County Forever Commission helping with time and resources.

Aided county and city planners in many instances to review new ordinances for
Tree Preservation, Sub-division design, and Development Standards.

Involved in the rewriting of the Lake Wylie Buffer yard ordinance for York County Council in the most recent revision, July 2007- August 2009.


York County Ballet Company Board Member and former President, 2001 – 2012

Rock Hill Rotary Club member, 1986 – 2008

St. John’s United Methodist Church member

Cornell Alumni Club of Charlotte, NC, past President

National Geographic Society Member, 1967 to the present

Member of USGBC 2009 – present
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